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Maiden Hair is a cutting edge salon leading the way in curly hair work in Australia we are a team of curl specialists, colourists and dry curl cutters


Jonina Menzies

After working in salons from the age of 13, Maiden Hair was birthed soon after the birth of Jonina’s first child. MH has seen 3 different salon spaces over the past 6 years, but better than that, every week, month, year she has been constantly working at what is different about MH? What sets our salon apart? In 2017 “The Curly Girl Method” was introduced by the help of one very dear client. And so it began, the quest to help our curly clients. She has been mentored one on one by Amanda and Peter Rickman from Curly Education Australia and also by Loni Jean from Desert Curls Studio in Nevada! Both of these incredible educators and countless instagram stories taught her so much, where she has her routine perfected! Where she can now call herself a Curl Expert. Through this journey the purest of joy has been found seeing people gain confidence and beauty in their own skin! To skill them with tips and educate them so that they understand the why!


Being raised with an aunt who is a hairdresser, Hayley never had to wonder what sweeping the floor was like in a salon, it was her job in her early teens. Until she found herself an apprenticeship and worked her way up the ladder and refining her passion for hair and natural beauty! In March 2017 Hayley joined MH and rebirthed a fresh passion and love for hair! Where her meticulous precision cuts have lead her to become such a detailed #maidencurls Expert! She also has been mentored by both Amanda and Peter Rickman And Loni Jean from Desert Curls Studio. See Hayley come to life when she gets a chance to do a teenage #maidencurls session!

Jade Green

This space is yet to be filled with hairdressing credentials and inspiring adventures. In the meantime while Jade is training we will fill you in on her artistry journey.

Perfectionist by nature and cleaning natzy by trade Jade has always drawn, made and imagined where her creativity would take her. Thanks to a divine moment she landed at MH. She still is found at the core as an artist @wellandvessel so please watch both artforms encourage each other in the future!

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