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Your Maiden Curls Introduction

First visit to Maiden Curls, Nowra? Well, Expect more than just a haircut.

Our beginner service is designed specifically for first-time customers. Offering an immersive educational experience.

We’ll dive deep into the world of curls with interactive, step-by-step guidance as we bust common Curly Girl myths right before your eyes.

Indulge in our deluxe hydration service, powered by our advanced micro mist machine, ensuring your hair receives the very best in hydration and care.

And we don’t stop there – before you leave, you’ll receive handy cheat sheets to continue your hair journey at home, and a surprise gift from us, as a warm thank you for choosing Maiden Hair as your Hairdressing Salon.

Depth and Radiance: The Secrets of Soft, Lived-in Colour.

At Maiden Hair Salon, we’ve mastered the art of soft, lived-in colour, often referred to as ‘Blonde Highlights’.

Embracing the latest techniques such as Balayage, highlights, root stretching, and the ever-popular Bronde and Acaille, we create a seamless and natural gradient in your hair.

Each method offers a unique blend of depth and radiance, perfect for those seeking effortlessly sun-kissed locks.

Discover the richness and variety of modern hair colouring techniques, as well as specialist curl care all under one roof.

At Nowra’s only curl friendly Hairdressing Salon, Maiden Hair.


blonde balayage

Elevate Your Hair Game: Make Your Appointment at Nowra’s Leading Salon

Whether it’s a transformative cut, a refreshing colour, a touch-up or an interactive information session, our experts in Nowra are here to elevate your hair game. Don’t let another day go by without experiencing the magic of Maiden Hair.

Amanda Turnbull
Amanda Turnbull
6 March 2024
My hair and in particular my curls are amazing since attending your salon. It's always an excellent experience which I would highly recommend.
Julie Larsen
Julie Larsen
6 March 2024
Another very positive experience. Jonina is so helpful and knowledgeable with curly hair. She is an exceptional hairdresser and such a great communicator. Always enjoy my visits at Maiden Hair ????????
Gennene Koller
Gennene Koller
1 March 2024
My first visit today. Arrived a tad early, I felt relaxed & welcomed from the moment i walked in. I was greeted with friendly happy staff & offered a tea/coffee. Eden was very friendly, explained different options for the style i was wanting and i was extremely happy with my new haircut. Excellent work. Will definately be back. Ive found my new hairdresser, Thankyou Eden & Maiden Hair
Tracy Evelyn
Tracy Evelyn
27 February 2024
Always so very happy with my cut at Maiden Hair. Best hair salon for curls. Thank you, Jonina.
Gillian Underwood
Gillian Underwood
22 February 2024
Best hair salon I’ve ever been to! Apart from their expertise with curly hair, cutting and colour, they are a wonderful group of girls that make my monthly hair appointment a special treat! Would 100% recommend! Oh and I travel an hour to get there! It’s such a great experience every time. They never rush! I always feel as though I’m their most important client!
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith
20 February 2024
Always a friendly and welcoming salon. Jonina is an expert in cutting curls with her hints and tips in salon or online on how to mange any curl type and with her very own products makes this the go to salon on the South Coast.
Chloe Kres
Chloe Kres
15 February 2024
I would highly recommend Maiden Hair! This was my first visit to this salon & honestly I’ll definitely be coming back. I had Jordon look after me & she made me feel so welcome, not to mention the amazing work she did with my hair. Jordon listened to everything I wanted & she exceeded any & all expectations I had.
Jocelyn Harvey
Jocelyn Harvey
13 February 2024
Thanks Jonina ???? great job as always and lovely environment to be in ????

South Coast's Curly Secret: Dive into Nowra's Unique Hair Retreat!

Jonina Menzies, founder of LOHY, ( Formerly Yeshair Australia), the Curls made easy routines operates Maiden Hair, a successful hairdressing salon in Nowra, on the South Coast, NSW.

Specialising in textured hair, but not limited to, Jonina has almost 20 years of experience in the industry.

Alongside her team at Maiden Hair Jonina, has dedicated her time to educating professional stylists and salon owners in the art of cutting, hydrating, and styling curly/textured hair.

meet nowras hairdressing team
red hair nowra

Embracing Natural Beauty: Jonina's Mission at Maiden Hair Salon

Jonina, the heart and soul behind Maiden Hair Salon in Nowra, takes immense pride in a singular mission: to amplify the natural beauty inherent in each client.

Whether graced with curls or straight hair, her dedication remains unwavering. “It’s not just about a hairstyle; it’s about emboldening individuals to cherish and confidently showcase their authentic selves”.

With a genuine passion and commitment, Jonina consistently strives not to change but to enhance, not to transform but to reveal.

At the core of Maiden Hair Salon’s ethos, under Jonina’s guidance, is the profound joy of helping people embrace and love their intrinsic look and identity.

Permanent Texture aka Perms

Rediscover the art of perms at Maiden Hair Salon, Nowra. Our Permanent Texture service is far from the perms of the past; it’s a modern transformation that adds depth, dimension, and natural-looking waves to your hair. Whether you’re seeking voluminous curls or subtle waves, or a more defined curl pattern our expert stylists have you covered. Ready for a textural change? 

Micro Mist Deluxe Treatments

Nourish your hair from root to tip with our exclusive Micro Mist Deluxe Treatments. Harnessing the power of micro mist technology, this treatment deeply penetrates the hair shaft, infusing it with moisture and essential nutrients. Leave our salon with hair that feels revitalised, soft, and truly rejuvenated. Elevate your hair care routine.

#MaidenMakeover (colour/style transformation)

Transform your look with the #MaidenMakeover. Our expert stylists blend modern colouring techniques with trendsetting styles, ensuring you leave our salon with a fresh, vibrant, and head-turning transformation. From balayage, highlights, to the latest in styles and trends, we bring your hair vision to life. Ready for a change? 

Do you only work with curly hair?

Absolutely not! At Maiden Hair Salon, we specialise in cutting, colouring and styling ALL types of hair. We certainly have a love of curls, and expertise in textured hair, however we welcome all types of hair, straight, wavy, coily and everything in between!

Can I wash my hair after a colour service?

You can, (although we’re not sure why you would want to) however it’s recommended not to wash your hair for 32 – 48 hours after having it coloured. This allows the hair cuticles more time to seal in the colour, preventing it from bleeding out or washing out too quickly.

Should I wash my hair before I do a colour treatment?

Yes, clean hair allows products to perform better. Hair build-up doesn’t allow products to perform at its 100%.

How do I prepare my hair for a cut or curl appointment?

Freshly washed hair is best and left to naturally dry. This way we can see exactly how the hair likes to fall, curl and sit naturally.

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

We are a very busy salon, so unfortunately, if you are running late you may only be able to have part of your service done, but possibly not. You will however be charged for the full service, as that was what you booked for. It’s always good to call the salon if you are running late to an appointment.

Do you have Early Appointments or Late Appointments?

We offer late appointments on Tuesday evenings to accommodate those who work until 5pm. You can check our opening hours on the website.

How early should I arrive at my appointment?

We recommend arriving 10 minutes before your appointment.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you change your mind and decide to cancel your appointment, please allow 24 hours or a cancellation fee may apply.

Can I bring my children along?

Of course! We welcome families at Maiden Hair Salon. We just ask that you consider the comfort of all our clients. If your little ones can hang tight and be respectful of the space, they’re more than welcome to join you. Thanks for understanding!

Do you take online bookings only?

Bookings through our online booking platform are super easy, however, if you would rather speak to a stylist we do take bookings over the phone.

What are your Payment options?

We have eftpos and Cash available

Why do you cut curls dry?

On average a curly can have up to 4 different curl patterns over their head. Hence if we combed them wet they wouldn’t be sitting at their true overall form.

How long does a #maidencurls session take?

Allow approx 2hrs, more for longer or thicker hair.

How do you protect your curls while you sleep?

We recommend wearing a Cozy or Buff while you sleep/shower, to protect your hair from friction against bedding and to protect it from warm steamy environments.

Why is my hair breaking and never growing longer?

Your hair can break if it lacks moisture or has protein deficiencies. This education is all apart of our #maidencurls beginners session.

What is hard water?

Hard water is caused by minerals in your water. Hard water can deposit minerals on your hair that blocks moisture from your hair. Education around the type of water you’re using can be a game changer for the health of your hair.

How often should I wash my hair?

I Generally wash my hair every 6-8 days. We recommend 1-2 per week is ideal and achievable after a #maidencurls education session.